APSI WiFi Welcomes Ward Swift

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APSI WiFi Services

9121 Monroe Plaza Way

Sandy, UT 84070

800.746.0061 – info@apsiwifi.com


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: JULY 23, 2018 For more information, contact Chris Anderson, Chief Executive Officer; 801.232.1149 or Michael Chacon, Chief Operating Officer; 801.641.3426

College Athletics Executive Named to APSI WiFi Advisory Board Sandy, Utah –

The former Chief Marketing Officer for Auburn University Athletics and a marketing & communications specialist with over thirty-five years of experience impacting customer behavior through corporate and entrepreneurial endeavors has joined APSI WiFi Services as an Advisory Board Member with particular focus on bringing APSI’s breakthrough solution for in-venue connectivity to the college athletics space. “Fan experience surveys have consistently found the greatest source of fan dissatisfaction in sporting venues, by a wide margin, to be the lack of WiFi, cellular, and wired connectivity”, said Swift. “Smartphones, iPads and other related devices are using multiple bandwidth-hogging applications such that the WiFi network in sporting venues is stressed, and in many cases unusable at the very moment people need them the most.” The breakthrough software solution from APSI is cost effective as it fits into existing infrastructure. No new hardware is required. The breakthrough solution for enhanced connectivity is perfect for stadiums and arenas where there is high density. It will save athletics departments millions of dollars in additional hardware investments. “I’m excited by APSI’s revolutionary software offering for a number of reasons”, Swift said. “First and foremost, the offering fits perfectly into the daily narrative that exists in every athletics department in the country regarding the need to enhance the fan experience and the business imperative to identify new pathways for incremental revenue generation.” “While the uses of enhanced connectivity to improve the fan experience are almost limitless, the high order bit, in my opinion, is revenue generation. I believe connectivity is the means to an end for the first wave of truly new and incremental revenue generating opportunities based on the studied human behavior of impulse buying and the ability of marketing specialists to stimulate this purchasing behavior.” Research suggests that 84% of all consumers make impulse buys and they spend a surprising amount. Studies show that 20% of consumers have spent over $1,000 on an impulse buy. Despite millions of dollars of investment in hardware in college and professional venues, the challenge of connectivity remains. The launch of the new software offering from APSI comes to market after ten-years in the making.

“Through the APSI software platform, connectivity throughput on any mobile device can be increased exponentially and dead WiFi connections can be restored”, said CEO Chris Anderson. “Our patent pending software solution mitigates retry interference thereby improving bandwidth for input. The product works on any network medium, wired or wireless and has shown demonstrated improvements including the transmission of perfect HD video. APSI’s proprietary software is a game changer.”

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