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behind the scenes at APSI Wifi

Our Mission

APSI and the ATP Turbo App boosts your internet experience on any poor network connection with our patented error correction technology. Whether it’s data packet loss on a video call, social media, or streaming video/music, we provide that extra boost to help you avoid those disconnected calls or dreaded loading wait times.

Our Team

Chris Anderson

Founder, CEO

Michael Chacon

Founder, CMO

Jeff Ballif


Mike Parnell

APSI Board Member
Former Oakley Executive
Mike Parnell is a former executive of Oakley, starting with the company in 1985. During his time at Oakley, Parnell was credited with creating new distribution channels that boosted its…

Bethlam Forsa

CEO, Savvas Learning Company
Bethlam Forsa is the chief executive officer of Savvas Learning Company, a global next-generation learning company that combines the power of advanced technology with proven pedagogy to deliver immersive, personalized, and flexible educational solutions that connect K-12 teachers and students with real-world learning experiences. Under Bethlam’s leadership, Savvas, formerly Pearson K12 Learning, has taken a…

Ward Swift

APSI Board Member
CMO Auburn Athletics
Ward Swift is the former Chief Marketing Officer for Auburn Athletics. During his tenure at Auburn University, Swift was noted for leading an award winning marketing & communications team that…

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