atp turbo app by apsi wifi that makes your phone connections faster


Using encoded algebra to speed up your internet connection by Up To 300%

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Situations that cause a slow internet connection on Your Phone

You’ve all seen it…the spinning wheel of doom, websites not loading, buffering videos, glitchy gameplay, or just a plain “dead” connection.


Your mobile phone can experience a degraded connection as it interacts with WiFi, LTE dead spots, and physical obstructions like concrete walls.

At Home

Even at home, on your own WiFi network, you can experience slow connections due to dead spots or neighboring WiFi networks interfering with each other.

At School

Even at universities and schools, your WiFi and Cellular connections can suffer due to thick walls, being too far from the router, or crowded networks.

Old School Protocols Are Making You Wait While It Resends Faulty Data

Old school TCP/IP is inefficient at dealing with damaged data.  It throws away data with errors, and you are forced to sit and wait while it resends it. 

ATP Turbo Uses Encoded Algebra to Repair Data Without Resending It

The ATP Turbo App solves your damaged connectivity problems by converting regular internet content to math formulas that rebuild the lost video and content on the fly. With increased net traffic we are experiencing daily, even more data is being thrown away by the internet infrastructure trying to keep up.  The ATP Turbo App speeds connectivity throughput of a damaged or cluttered internet connection.


ATP Turbo creates reliability without slowing down your speeds with encryption. We use “tunnel” technology combined with math algorithms and chose reliability and speed without encryption.  Push the Turbo button and a data tunnel is opened and encoded only for reliability.

Push Button. Speed up Internet Connection.

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