Get Connected

Real world simultaneous users of 30-40,000 clients, facilitating a home-like experience in the fan seats. Adding even more users (up to 100% of the stadium attendees) as an optional upgrade path is possible.

Boost Security

Our technology, allows security and administrative personnel to set up equipment anywhere on site. Additionally, the APSI WiFi Services solution allows for instant notification by or to fans of security situations or issues they observe, thereby allowing them to submit pictures and videos in real-time, including general location when submitted (if they have entered their seat information, that can be sent along as well).

Blazing Fast

Faster speeds will be of significant benefit to the end user. This is on the order of 200-1,000% faster than other solutions.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Much lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than other solutions. The system will not only achieve savings from a cost stand point, but will be able to generate significant revenues from proprietary Apps, such as ecommerce, network sponsorships, food ordering, and product merchandizing. It is simple to maintain, highly reliable and easily adapted for different events on site.

Stream On

Video streaming capabilities enable every person in the stadium to receive video and audio transmissions, and manage it as if it were their own DVR-like controls.

More Game Time

Location technology to allow “theme park” –like services, such as wait times (restrooms, food lines, etc.) and directions on how to get to your seat, security, or other stadium locations.

Easy Integration

Integration of league and team mobile apps included in deployment timeline facilitating full integration of software and hardware features.

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