APSI WiFi Service’s Software

APSI WiFi Service’s Software accelerates nearly all data transmissions across the Internet, whether simple data, video or voice traffic.

Using a revolutionary method of simple lightweight algebraic equations to bundle blocks of data together, it can rebuild data transmissions in real time on the receiving party’s end, in the correct order the data was sent, in a matter of microseconds.

There are at least four ways APSI WiFi Service’s Software can help address important areas to reduce costs, improve network performance and increase profitability for enterprises pushing large quantities of data across the internet.


Improved Security

APSI WiFi Service’s Software is inherently more secure than normal Internet traffic due to the addition of the algebraic equations to describe the packets being transported. It achieves nearly unbreakable encoding of the random coefficients used as part of the encoding method. See foot note 1 or the attached White Paper.


Improved Speed

End users see a 40% to 3,000% improvement over typical business and consumer networks. This is true of mobile apps as well as traditional laptops and desktop users.


Reduced Bandwidth Costs

Because data throughput improves, typical corporate users can expect up to 65% reduction in Internet bandwidth usage.


Improved Distribution Network Performance

Interconnecting local and worldwide stage and production facilities, as well as connecting directly to digital format distributors, will see significant bottleneck relief by implementing APSI WiFi Service’s Software into the networking hardware as well as the source data. This is because APSI WiFi Service’s Software can pack more data per performance cycle on the network equipment by combining data on its way to similar destinations, where it is broken out before delivery to end-users.